A random number is a number chosen between two numbers. The selection of number between two numbers can never be a fixed or even guessed pattern. That is why we call such a generated number – a random number. The random number generator below can also find random numbers in decimal.

Random Number Generator

Excel & Google Sheet Formula RAND() & RANDBETWEEN(X)

We have used the Google Compute engine of Google Sheet to generate the random number. In fact , both the excel random number generator formula and google spreadsheet provide the formula to generate the random number as under :

  • RAND()
  • RANDBETWEEN(X, Y)) where x, is a smaller number, Y is a higher number

Limitation of random number

The random numbers generated above is useful for most applications but not for cryptographic purposes. If the purpose of random number generation a truly random number is security, it is best to generate random numbers that are based on physical phenomena such as atmospheric noise, thermal noise, and other quantum phenomena.

The random number generation principle can be used to created secure passwords which is not easy to break. Test our secured random password generator

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