quartile calculator

Quartiles Calculator is created as a web calculator for helping students practice various methods to find quartile of data set.

What is Quartile ?

Quartile is a statistical measure used to divide a dataset into four equal parts or quarters. The quartiles divide a dataset into three points, with each point representing a quarter or 25% of the data. The quartiles of data is represented as under :

  1. First Quartile(Q1)=((n+1)/4)th Term also known as the lower quartile.
  2. The second quartile or the 50th percentile or the Median is given as:  Second Quartile(Q2)=((n+1)/2)th Term
  3. The third Quartile of the 75th Percentile (Q3) is given as: Third Quartile(Q3)=(3(n+1)/4)th Term also known as the upper quartile.
  4.  The interquartile range is calculated as: Upper Quartile – Lower Quartile.

Quartiles Calculator