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Online text cleaner solves a problem that often crops up, especially when you copy some text from HTML pages, websites, or pdf, that some hidden characters are also copied. Apart from that you often get double white spaces in between words or even some HTML tags .

Online Text Cleaner for White Space or Invisible Characters

The text cleaner tool below can remove line breaks, strip HTML, remove double space ,garbage non-printable characters

How do Invisible Characters Get Created?

There are a lot of invisible Unicode characters: special characters, language-specific fillers, and regular white-space characters. These symbols have a specific meaning and can be used in various applications instead of regular empty spaces.

Here is a list of whitespace Unicode characters.

U+0020 &#32Space[ ]
U+00A0&#160No-Break Space[ ]
U+2000&#8192En Quad[]
U+2001&#8193Em Quad[]
U+2002&#8194En Space[]
U+2003&#8195 Em Space[]
U+2004&#8196Three-Per-Em Space[]
U+2005&#8197Four-Per-Em Space[]
U+2006 &#8198 Six-Per-Em Space[]
U+2007 &#8199Figure Space[]
U+2008 &#8200Punctuation Space[]
U+2009&#8201 Thin Space[]
U+200A&#8202Hair Space[]
U+2028 &#8232 Line Separator[]
U+205F&#8287 Medium Mathematical Space[]
U+3000&#12288 Ideographic Space[]

What are Hidden Non-Printing Characters?

Non-printing characters or formatting marks are symbols that help you format a document in text editors. Even if you choose to display them on the monitor, they cannot be printed.Non-printing characters include:

  • spaces,
  • tabs,
  • paragraph marks,
  • line breaks,
  • non-breaking spaces,
  • page breaks,
  • section breaks,
  • column breaks,
  • end-of-cell and end-of row markers in tables,
  • small black square in the margin to the left of a paragraph,
  • anchor symbols.

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Google Sheet : Best Online Tax Cleaner

Google Sheets also offers a variety of functions that can be used to clean text data. Some commonly used formulas in Google Sheets for text cleaning include:


The first way is to use the function to remove all non-printable characters from a text string. To do this, you would use the following

Syntax =CLEAN(text) .

The second way is to use the function to remove all HTML tags from a text string. To do this, you would use the following

Syntax =CLEAN(text, removeHTML) 


formula removes any leading or trailing spaces from the text.

Syntax =TRIM(text)

Example=TRIM(” Hello world! “) will return “Hello world!”


These formulas convert all the text to lowercase or uppercase, respectively.

Syntax =LOWER(text) or =UPPER(text)

Example =LOWER(“Hello World!”) will return “hello world!”


The formula SUBSTITUTE replaces specific text with other text.

Syntax =SUBSTITUTE(text, old_text, new_text, [occurrence])

Example=SUBSTITUTE(“apple banana cherry”, “banana”, “orange”) will return “apple orange cherry”


This function replaces text that matches a regular expression with other text.

Syntax =REGEXREPLACE(text, regular_expression, replacement)

Example =REGEXREPLACE(“hello world”, “l+”, “X”) will return “heXXo worXd”

By using these formulas and other similar functions in Google Sheets, you can easily clean and process text data for your data analysis needs.

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