Distance converter calculator will make your life easy by allowing you to convert thirteen units of distance measurements as under :

  1. Angstrom
  2. Ell
  3. Foot
  4. Inch
  5. Kilometer
  6. Light-Year
  7. Mile
  8. Nautical Mile
  9. Parsec
  10. Pica (1/6 inch)
  11. Pica (1/72 inch)
  12. U.S. Survey Mile
  13. Yard

Distance Converter Calculators

What is Angstrom?

An angstrom is a metric unit of length equal to 10⁻¹⁰ m. Its symbol is the Swedish alphabet-Å. An angstrom is a unit of length used to measure very small distances. The ångström is not a part of the SI system of units.

What is Ell unit ?

An ell literally means an “arm” is a unit of measurement , originally understood as a cubit.

What is Light-Year?

lightyear is the distance light travels in one Earth year.is equivalent to about 9.46 trillion kilometres (9.46×1012 km).

Mile vs Nautical Mile

A nautical mile is equal to one minute of latitude, which is equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree of latitude. If we know the circumference of the earth, we can find the length of a nautical mile.A nautical mile is 1,852 meters, or 1.852 kilometers or a nautical mile is 1.1508 miles, or 6,076 feet. 

What is Parsec?

A unit of distance used in astronomy, that corresponds to the distance at which the mean radius of the earth’s orbit subtends an angle of one second of arc.

The parsec (symbol: pc) is a unit of length used to measure the large distances to astronomical objects outside the Solar System, approximately equal to 3.26 light-years or 206,000 astronomical units (au), i.e. 30.9 trillion kilometres (19.2 trillion miles) [source : Wikipedia]

What is Pica (1/6 inch) & Pica (1/72 inch)

The pica is a typographic unit of measure corresponding to approximately 16 of an inch, or from 168 to 173 of afoot. One pica is further divided into 12 points.There are 6 picas in 1 inch. To convert from inches to picas, multiply your figure by 6 (or divide by 0.16666666666667) .

What is U.S. Survey Mile?

The survey mile is a U.S. unit of measure . One unit of US Survey Mile is equivalent to 1609.347 meters.

What is a Yard?

The yard is an English unit of length, in both the British imperial and US customary systems of measurement. A yard equals to 3 feet or 36 inches.

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