Military time converter or 24-hour clock converter is an easy to use online tool that lets you input the standard time and compute the military time. Similarly, vice versa is also possible. Input the military time and this converter will compute standard time .

What is Military Time ?

The time based on a 24-hour clock is called military time. Military Time is sequential in nature and the hours go from 00 to 23. The 12-hour time format does not distinguish clearly between the end of a day and the beginning of the other. But that is not a problem with military time format. Here are some examples of conversion from military time to regular time.

130001:00 PM
16004:00 PM
19007:00 PM

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Military Time Converter

Military time conversion chart

12:00 AM0000 hours12:30 AM0030 hours
1:00 AM0100 hours1:30 AM0130 hours
2:00 AM0200 hours2:30 AM0230 hours
3:00 AM0300 hours3:30 AM0330 hours
4:00 AM0400 hours4:30 AM0430 hours
5:00 AM0500 hours5:30 AM0530 hours
6:00 AM0600 hours6:30 AM0630 hours
7:00 AM0700 hours7:30 AM0730 hours
8:00 AM0800 hours8:30 AM0830 hours
9:00 AM0900 hours9:30 AM0930 hours
10:00 AM1000 hours10:30 AM1030 hours
11:00 AM1100 hours11:30 AM1130 hours
12:00 PM1200 hours12:30 PM1230 hours
1:00 PM1300 hours1:30 PM1330 hours
2:00 PM1400 hours2:30 PM1430 hours
3:00 PM1500 hours3:30 PM1530 hours
4:00 PM1600 hours4:30 PM1630 hours
5:00 PM1700 hours5:30 PM1730 hours
6:00 PM1800 hours6:30 PM1830 hours
7:00 PM1900 hours7:30 PM1930 hours
8:00 PM2000 hours8:30 PM2030 hours
9:00 PM2100 hours9:30 PM2130 hours
10:00 PM2200 hours10:30 PM2230 hours
11:00 PM2300 hours11:30 PM2330 hours

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