A tip is given to gig workers or service providers out of gratitude for their service. It must be noted that tipping is custom or obligatory in USA whereas in many countries, especially in East Asia tip is considered insulting by some. Even though tipping is entirely voluntary, it is considered part and parcel of compensation in certain service sectors in the United States. In fact, IRS taxes the tips earned by service workers who You must file Form 4137 if you received cash and charge tips of $20 or more in a calendar month and didn’t report all of those tips to your employer.

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Strange facts on Tips Custom Worldwide

Tipping can be insulting in Japan as people get offended for the service they offer.Similarly , most European hotels and restaurants add the tip to your bill. Therefore, tipping can be a puzzling experience for overseas travellers. The rules about tipping are changing continuoulsy , so what was appropriate the last time you visited your favorite foreign destination may be completely inappropriate the next time you go.

Our tip calculator contains a basic guide about tipping in various countries, collected from various sources and online travel guides.

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