When you do the workout to build muscle or lose fat, eating a proper meal with the minimum required Carbohydrate, Proteins and Fat are essential. So, caloric intake is very much a non-negotiable measurement to keep track of. Knowing how many calories you’re taking in a day will also help you avoid health pitfalls like hormone imbalance, poor training performance, nutritional deficiencies, or undesired changes in body composition. Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator for Workouts helps you to keep track of essential nutrients while bodybuilding

Calorie Requirement Calculator

Calorie Requirements

Most people require around 20 calories per pound (or 44 kcal / kg) of body weight to gain muscle mass. But, when you work out in Gym for hours or intense aerobic exercise, you are burning calories. So, knowing the calories you require daily is an absolute requirement for a healthy life after workouts.

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