Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

The pregnancy due date calculator is based on the concept that generally the pregnancies last around 38 weeks from conception. Further, the calculator provides week by week position during pregnancy. This pregnancy due date calculator will provide a rough idea of when your baby should be born. If you know the date of the first… Continue reading Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

BMR Calculator With Harris Benedict Formula Calculations

BMR Calculator or Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator provides an easy way to find out the calories your body burns while at rest. This calculator also incorporates and provides your BMR as per the Harris-Benedict formula which is a standard modification of the BMR to determine your daily calorie requirements. BMR Calculator Calorie Calculator What is… Continue reading BMR Calculator With Harris Benedict Formula Calculations

Ideal Weight Calculator for Adults

An ideal weight calculator for adults is the next step once you came to know about your Body Mass Index ( BMI, ). The calculator will help you in deciding the ideal weight for you to target. Ideal Weight Calculator This calculator quickly determines your ideal body weight with minimum input of your height and… Continue reading Ideal Weight Calculator for Adults

BMI Calculator for Men & Women

The BMI calculator or Body Mass Index calculator tells you whether you are lean ,overweight, underweight, or just normal. The BMI, is a ratio of your weight to your height. Thus , it not only takes into account your weight , but the weight in proportion to your hieght BMI Calculator Our BMI calculator is… Continue reading BMI Calculator for Men & Women

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