Calorie Calculator for Dogs helps you determine that daily requirement of energy by your lovely Dog. If you know how much is their daily needs, you can feed them adequately so that they maintain healthy body weight. It is of general knowledge that a dog’s daily calorie requirements depend on various factors like breeding, sizes of dogs, growth rates in puppies, activity levels, skin and coat thicknesses, and living conditions.

Calorie Calculator for Dogs

The calculator below is for dogs weighing between 2 to 45 ( 4.4 to 97 pounds )

Dog’s Daily Calorie Requirement Formula

Dog’s Resting Energy Requirements (RER) is the amount of energy that a dog would use in a day while remaining entirely at rest. RER is first found out by using the formula

RER in kcal/day = 30(body weight in kilograms) + 70

Now, the RER is multiplied with a factor specific to the activity level of a dog as shown in the table below :

ActivityDaily Energy Requirements
Weight loss1.0 *RER
Neutered adult normal activity1.6 *RER
Intact adult normal activity1.8 * RER
Light work2.0 * RER
Moderate work3.0 *RER
Heavy work4-8 *RER
Pregnant dog (first 42 days)1.8*RER
Pregnant dog (last 21 days)3.0 *RER
Lactating female4-8 * RER
Puppy – weaning to 4 months3.0 *RER
Puppy – 4 months to adult size2.0 *RER

Once you understand how much energy your dog requires, you must decide how much to feed an individual dog. Use our dog food calculator to estimate the exact portion you need to feed your pet.

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